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The mobile social era provides an opportunity for brands to make breakthroughs in the original market landscape.

The mobile social era provides an opportunity for brands to make breakthroughs in the original market landscape, and therefore, the user loyalty management and operation system based on Social CRM becomes the magic weapon for brands to enhance user value and achieve success in sales.

Consumers are more “changeable” in social era

The mobile social era has brought dramatic changes to consumers: fragmented consumer experience, personal consumption ideas, abundant brand choices, and focused product needs. These new consumption features provide a brand new opportunity and platform for brands to compete over the market and consumers. Meanwhile, the mobile social platform makes up the weakness in the traditional member management, which is the lack of user interaction management, and thus enriches user experience and could improve user stickiness while enhancing user value.


Consumers in the new era require more personalized services

In contrast to the traditional member loyalty operation and management models, in the mobile social era, loyalty management has extended the target users from buyers to potential customers, from a single user consumption value assessment to the user marketing value assessment, from single channel marketing operation service to full-channel marketing operation service, and therefore challenges the user operation management and operation on mobile social platforms to enhance the comprehensive capacities:


Social Touch helps brands win the favor and trust of consumers

For brand owners, Social Touch provides one-stop user loyalty management service, including strategy, operation and software. Based on the practice and studies of SCRM through cooperating with a number of internationally renowned brands, Social Touch has developed a set of effective strategies for social user loyalty operation and management, constantly gaining consumers’ love and trust for our brand owners. Our services include: