New media traffic acquisition

"Social +" could not only bring a brand new experience for the marketing of brands, but also effectively influence enterprises’ production and bring disruptive innovation.

An era with new products keeping emerging

Fan economy, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, IP….The mobile social era has enabled enterprises to develop a large number of new product forms and product operation models. The social-driven product innovation allows end consumers to truly participate in producing the products, and achieve rapid marketing promotion based on social networking. The social innovation of business products makes products more competitive in the new era.


Product innovation starts from the upgrading of production model

From traditional products to social products, enterprises need to upgrade from product-centered production model to user-centered production model. In the traditional model, it is a quite lengthy process for enterprises to conduct the user demand survey to make verifications in the market, and products are seriously disconnected with the end consumers, resulting in the failure of the products from the very beginning:


Social Touch helps companies to create new products of the era

Social Touch is able to help enterprises build a set of user-centered product ecology, through integrating the social, E-commerce and other digital marketing platforms to help enterprises truly understand the needs of users, sort out and optimise the existing business processes of product operation, to innovate in social products and succeed in the market in the new era.