Mobile Ads Services

The emergence of social advertising has brought higher quality native advertising experience to users. In the mobile internet era, as the digital advertising goes mobile, social advertising forms a ferocious trend rapidly.

In Brief

As the authorized official partner of Sina and Tencent, Social Touch helps clients to carry out targeted user insights and communication strategies on social media, primarily through the Social Touch big data analysis platform. Social Touch also helps clients to release targeted ads on the top two mainstream social platforms- Sina and Tencent in China. Based on deep understanding of users from social platforms, social ads can provide the best emotional bond for the both marketing and users, so as to realize a high-quality marketing transformation.


With the rapid development of mobile Internet, and the innovation and maturity of mobile products, business owners will tilt their investment towards the mobile advertising market. According to the 2016 report of iResearch, the scale of the mobile advertising market reached 90.13 billion yuan. Represented by Weibo and WeChat, the rise of social media has diversified company marketing strategies.

Social media appeals mainly to young users and has a huge user size. Since users gathered by common interests have a high user stickiness, social media has kept innovating in functions and ways to play and therefore has become an important platform to enhance the value of company brand and influence. Through targeted release of social ads, Social Touch helps companies quickly realize the rapid growth of fans on social media, enhance user interaction, so as to achieve sales conversion.

Our Advantages

Our Service

From the formulation of communication strategies, the multi-dimensional and precise audience targeting, the planning of creative content, the repeated testing and optimizing of the release programs, to the continuous data analysis and evaluation, we take these five steps to help clients improve social marketing effect and provide one-stop and efficient marketing services.


Social Touch is mainly based on Weibo and WeChat platforms for advertising services.

Sina Weibo advertising:

we have various forms of products like effect advertising, display advertising, service advertising, which can be combined together to meet the mainstream demands of companies. With the powerful social attributes of Weibo, the audience will enlarge the communication scope of ads by reposting and form secondary native promotion; we support carrying out precise release of various labels like age, gender, region, interest, and identifying targeted users to substantially increase the advertising conversion rate.

Tencent social ads WeChat/QQ:

WeChat Moments advertising is based on the ecological system of WeChat official accounts, similar to the native ads from friends displayed in Moments. Users can interact with each other through “like” and comment and communicate via the social relations chain to bring additive effects to the brand promotion, charging per impression.

WeChat official account advertising is based on the ecological system of WeChat official accounts, and can provide various official promotion models like official accounts subscription, mobile application download, coupon distribution, brand activities advertising in the form of article content. It can also support the multi-dimensional combined targeted release to realize efficient content transformation.

Based on Tencent’s massive user behavior data and multi-screen account system, we can provide advertising forms including QQ Zone information flow, QQ client-side, QQ browser, Myapp, and support various flexible and targeted ways of reach like the audience attributes labels, LBS, scenario targeting, which apply to mobile applications download, e-commerce purchase, brand activities and other advertising goals.