Alcon Laboratories, Inc. is the world’s largest medical company specializing in eye care products and medical devices. It is focusing on the research & development, production and marketing of eye care products, ophthalmic surgical device, Contact lenses and relevant care products. Alcon has been cooperating with Social Touch in its social marketing for 3 years and its SCRM case has become a new marketing model in the Internet+ era.

Client’s Problem

Due to its late entry into China and its traditional B2B2C business model, Alcon does not have an efficient communication with and access to consumers. As a result, Alcon is not well-recognized by Chinese consumers. So Alcon is in urgent need to improve its brand awareness and shift more to online sales.



Social Touch Solution

To help Alcon in its SCRM solution, Social Touch starts from both online and offline member channels to establish connections with consumers in an all-round way. The SCRM is utilized in marketing, sales and service aspects. To get an insight into consumer groups, Alcon depends on big data technology to collect information on social platforms, including labels related to young consumers and their preferred lifestyles. To attract consumers’ interests, Alcon uses lifestyle as a criterion to classify consumer groups and encourage them to “choose their own label” to “buy their catered products”.