Alipay Koubei

Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading third-party payment platform in China, specializing in payment and financial services and it is committed to providing "simple, safe, fast" payment solutions to consumers. On June 23, 2015, Alibaba Group and Ant Financial Services Group jointly announced to set up Koubei, a joint venture and a platform company providing local life services. During the Double 12 period, Koubei and Social Touch build strong alliances to create the Koubei Carnival.

Client’s Problem

At the end of the year, all the E-commerce platforms kept launching shopping carnivals, rewriting the records of online sales. Under this circumstance, Alipay Koubei needed to seize the opportunity of Double 12 period to back feed the offline sale, leading the online shopping enthusiasm to offline businesses and achieve sales, to create an O2O shopping carnival.

Social Touch Solution

With the release of "1212 Global Carnival” advertisement and the UGC photoshopped by internet users, Social Touch created the phenomenon that Double 12 was everywhere, to attract public attention and enable the public to became aware of the Koubei brand through in-depth dissemination. Fundamentally, it was a quality-changing process with transforming from brand education to public awareness, requiring more than a ubiquitous figure but public drive from the perspective of interests.