Mobile Ads Services

The emergence of social advertising has brought higher quality native advertising experience to users. In the mobile internet era, as the digital advertising goes mobile, social advertising forms a ferocious trend rapidly.

Mobile ads become the most effective ad form

From the perspective of digital advertising history, the social era pushes the advertising industry to enter the third stage, where content is defined by users, and in the process of user interaction, the threshold of content is getting lower and lower. Today, in the pursuits of advertising effects, brand owners tend to choose social advertising because it is all about users. Therefore, with social platforms’ deep understanding of users, social advertising could provide the best emotional connection for brand marketing and users, achieving better and more effective marketing transformation.


How mobile ads integrate brand with effect

Social advertising has become the favorite marketing model for both brand owners and social users; however, besides its high quality marketing effect, social advertising has more requirements for traditional advertising personnel:


Social Touch provides advertisers with one-stop mobile ad services

Based on our self-developed mobile platform for native advertising, Social Touch provides native advertising forms which best fit user experience and platform-level system support. Meanwhile, Social Touch aggregates high quality HERO APP resources in the industry, including WeChat, Weibo, QQ and QZONE, to provide one-stop advertising release service from media buying to creative services for brand owners!