Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a soul character in a company, who determines the direction of the development of enterprises, CEO should maintain a sensitive perception towards the changes in the external environment.

Digitalization becomes the core challenge for CEOs in the new era

As the most important leader of the enterprise, CEO is a particularly important role in the era of digital business transformation. According to Gartner's 2016 research report based on a studies of CEOs of over 30 countries, half of CEOs expect the digital age to bring changes to their industry. Three quarters of CEOs expect the changes in the digital industry to bring higher margins to them. Despite the economic downturn, CEOs still have high hopes for the digital age. As digital era background is certain, the CEO's challenge is to face the digital problems with the CIO.

Enterprise digitalization is a comprehensive change

Gartner pointed out in the "Marketing Leaders Research" study in 2015 that user experience management has become CEOs’ top choice in the budget investment; at the same time, in 2019, the digital channel revenue is predicted to be doubled than 2015, reaching 41%. In the 2016 report, the data verified the previous speculation that the vast majority of corporate CEOs will put their innovative budget into the user interaction innovation for improving user interaction experience.


CEOs have come to realise that their customers’ digital awareness and digital payments has been increasing. The proportion of digital marketing and e-commerce continues to grow, and it is more important to adjust the products according to the needs of consumers in the digital age. Digital risk leaders need to have a global vision of the business and have a clear understanding of one most critical element to business organizations, which is the influence of business potential risks towards businesses.


Digital marketing innovation for end users is more direct and effective