Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is of vital importance in brand marketing.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is of vital importance in brand marketing. It is a process ensuring a unified and seamless experience centered on consumers across multiple channels. It directs how consumers perceive a brand, what opinions consumer have about a brand, and what value a brand wants to convey to the consumers. Undoubtedly, integrated marketing is essential for a brand, as it directs building brand equity.

Integrated marketing serves as the foundation of brand communication


What underpins integrated marketing is brand positioning, customer perception, conveyance of core messages and the diversified communication channels. Integrated marketing aligns all the various promotional elements (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, CI, packaging, digital marketing, etc.) and delivers the brand's core message across multiple channels. Successful integrated marketing leads to cost-effective brand marketing with high social awareness.


Integrated marketing requires a comprehensive marketing skillset


Every component of integrated marketing communication is of vital importance in branding strategy. These impactful components include but not limited to media selection, core message delivery, content creation, and event planning. They should work together and reinforce one another. Companies must carefully plot and coordinate all customer touchpoints with your brand across the customer lifecycle to integrate and align with the same messaging and avoid blurred consumer brand perceptions.


Social Touch provides integrated marketing services


Leveraging the expertise in advertising, AI and big data technology, Social Touch helps clients identify brand positioning and apply accurate marketing strategies, including but not limited to social marketing, offline marketing, brand image shaping and lead conversion.


Based on the analysis of brand personality and consumer perception, Social Touch helps clients define the core brand value to reidentify marketing goals and brand strategy. In so doing, Social Touch helps clients strengthen brand image and that in turns improve the conversion rate of brand value.


Social Touch customizes integrated marketing solutions to maximize clients’ brand value by designing and delivering innovative contents and diversified events through online and offline channels and connecting consumer demands with brand touchpoints.


Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, Social Touch assesses and optimizes your brand's current strategy, provides suggestions for specific issues and develop effective marketing communications.