Daily Chemicals

Daily chemicals include chemicals of daily use, such as shampoo, shower gel, products for skin care and hair care, cosmetics and so on.

Daily chemical industry in the era of mobile social marketing

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, social media strategy has played an important role in the overall brand marketing strategy. According to the survey of BCG to Chinese consumers in 2015, Chinese consumers have a strong demand for daily chemical products, and cosmetics are the priority for Chinese consumers.


With growing market demands, although the social marketing investment is growing dramatically, such as that of international brands like P & G and Unilever, it only accounts for less than 50% of the marketing investment. Social marketing is still a virgin land for the daily chemical industry.

The new generation of consumers have new demands for daily chemical products. While people pursue a younger brand, digital marketing and mobile social contact have changed people’s consumption habits.


For daily chemical brands, the traditional marketing strategy no longer meets the needs of consumers, contributing less and less to enterprise’s business objectives. The brand needs a more efficient and targeted mobile social marketing strategy:


Social Touch can help realize brands

With years of social marketing service experience in serving internationally large daily chemical brands, Social Touch has provided the following effective social business solutions by the use of big data capability.