CMOs best understand the demands of the clients and make marketing strategies and implementation plans by accurately mastering market opportunities to help companies complete the marketing goals.

CMO is the leader in corporate digital revolutions

Factors including the global data explosion, social media, increase of selectable channels and equipment, changing consumer features and reduction in consumers’ loyalty to the brand have a great impact on corporate businesses and brought many challenges to CMOs.


Digital marketing innovation becomes the key breakthrough for company digitalization

In mobile social era, on the one hand, consumers have become the boss of business behaviors and on the other hand, technology has made it possible for companies to meet the client demands. Companies collect personal information and demands of clients, send purchase recommendations and relevant promotion information, provide cross-channel client purchase experience, and activate relevant brand relations. Changes in these two aspects has determined that technical trend and trend of future marketing development have become the new demands for CMOs.


The user-centered and data-driven mode becomes a new challenge for marketers

The most affecting element for a brand is reputation. CMOs need to know the impact of reputation on corporate brands on social platforms. To master and influence consumers and master the tempo of digital marketing, marketers should try their best to dig and analyze big data to lead strategy-making.