China is the world's largest consumer and producer of clothing. Entering the mobile internet era, whether it is the traditional or emerging online clothing businesses, both are confronted with the trend of closing the stores.

The self-breakthrough of traditional clothing industry in the face of challenge from E-commerce businesses

China's clothing enterprises are facing fierce competitions. On one hand, China’s consumption market continues to upgrade, and consumers reveal increasing personal preferences and diversified demand towards clothing products; On the other hand, with the slowdown of global economy, the Chinese market, which used to be regarded as the major growing region for clothing, is now suffering from the influx of more overseas brands.


Chinese clothing enterprises are facing the following difficulties:

As a representative industry of experiential consumption, the clothing industry’s key to make breakthrough is to provide the new generation of consumers with a richer mobile social marketing experience in the complicated environment with new marketing channels. In 2016, a number of leading clothing brands made attempts in marketing innovation and came up with a series of successful experiential marketing approach for users.



Social Touch helps brands

For the clothing brands which are making marketing innovation, Social Touch integrates a variety of digital marketing resources and provides brands more innovative mobile social marketing experience for users, to seize the market opportunities, achieve more sales conversion and win consumers’ love and loyalty of brands: