Chief information officer or CIO, is responsible for the entire company's internal information technology and IT system. CIO needs to combine information with the core businesses and operational processes to enhance the business and management level.

CIO is the backbone of enterprise in the digital transformation

Digital transformation of enterprises requires the information construction to provide a solid foundation for enterprises. As the chief leader of enterprise information construction, CIO will take on more important responsibilities and roles change, to achieve the foundation building in the process of digital transformation.


During enterprise’s digital transformation, more information technology construction budget will be invested first in the field of marketing, for bringing a new digital experience for users. Therefore, it requires the close cooperation between CIO and CMO. The new demand model makes CIO face more challenges in the process of information construction

How to provide CMO with the corresponding technical support for the marketing tools, to systematically incorporate the demand of digital construction of marketing construction into the building of information system?

How to update and improve the enterprise IT system, making it easier to integrate with external marketing tools, to achieve internal and external data exchange, and to cross the internal and external barriers to achieve more application scenes

How to make enterprise IT system to support social marketing, through the support of technology and tools, to complete the social upgrading of enterprise information system construction in the construction of the entire information system?


Experience transformation can bring the best results for digital transformation

In the big environment where social media has become an essential communication and interaction platform in people's daily life, the primary task of CIO is to adjust the direction of information technology transformation, to achieve digital transformation optimisation.

Need to establish a social platform which support a variety of needs

Able to support the information and management of digital marketing businesses

Able to effectively manage newborn social digital assets


Digital Marketing--the Best Entry Point for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Faced with the rapid development of digitalization, CIO is unprecedentedly pushed to the forefront of enterprise business development. Confronted with such a large and complicated project and the urgency of the window period, CIO of the new era needs a complete set of strategies to effectively support, guarantee and move forward the process of enterprise digital transformation:

 Improve and upgrade the IT infrastructure, to create a social internal IT system in the enterprise, thus breaking the internal and external communication barriers to promote digitalization within the enterprise, and do a good job in infrastructure construction for docking external marketing tools.

On the basis of IT system construction, CIO needs to introduce the corresponding tools, including the digital marketing tools, and integrate the tools into the enterprise IT system, and to ensure its smooth operation, while promoting the intelligent transformation of other tools essential for the enterprise and continues to improve its working status

Develop original marketing tools for the enterprise with the support of technology and tools.