Branding Refreshing Stregety

Many big brands are struggling with brand ageing in the ever-evolving market.

Many big brands are struggling with brand ageing in the ever-evolving market. In the mobile Internet era, the drawbacks of traditional marketing methods have limited brand development. To grab the future market share, brands are supposed to attach importance to brand rejuvenation.


Brand premium represents the value of a brand

In the era of consumption upgrade, brand competition doesn’t just mean product competition. Brand added value becomes an indispensable element in brand upgrade. Higher brand premium represents greater influence, which enables brands to achieve a new round of growth without changing existing strategies. Successfully refreshed brands can usually earn a huge first-mover advantage and become a new market leader.


The young generation calls for brand rejuvenation

Generation Z has gradually become the major consumer group. For consumer brands providing fast-moving consumer goods, commodities, cosmetics and digital goods, brand rejuvenation is of vital importance for brand upgrade. Consumer behavior has changed a lot for these groups of people, in terms of preference for Chinese elements, and greater reliance on social channels, etc. All of these require a brand to be far-sighted and process marketing upgrade.


Social Touch helps in brand value upgrade

Social Touch has successfully increased brand value for many big consumer brands. By increasing your brand premium, brand awareness, profit margin and consumer loyalty, we help you rejuvenate and upgrade your brand.


Social Touch analyzes the consumer behavior of young consumer groups through big data technology, thus defining breakthroughs for brand upgrade and rejuvenation. We provide brand upgrade solutions according to new consumer groups, new consumption environment and new consumption patterns


Social Touch is experienced in co-branding campaigns. By planning brand collaborations and offline pop-up stores, Social Touch helps clients achieve brand rejuvenation and value upgrade, while driving topic spread on social media and introducing word-of-mouth products.


Social Touch enforces your brand spirit and brand added value through multi-channel and multi-platform integrated marketing communication, in the forms of advertising, public relations, content, media, etc., thus achieving the upgrade of brand value.

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