KOL Influencer Marketing

The rise of influencer marketing has effectively changed the ways of brand communication.

The rise of influencer marketing has effectively changed the ways of brand communication. Even if the KOL is not directly selling the product, they are heavily influencing purchasing decisions.


KOLs marketing helps in awareness promotion and sales promotion

By establishing trust with the audience, KOL is more convincing than traditional advertisements or branded content. Brands can leverage the personal channels of KOL and word of mouth to their product advantages, which accelerates the order completions and awareness promotion. By shortening the customer lifecycle or path to purchase, KOL marketing also improves the convention rate of marketing campaigns. As KOLs varies from communities and audience preference, brands need to select KOLs in line with brand strategy and marketing budget.


KOL endorsement + viral marketing = increased social media traffic

Through KOL endorsement and viral marketing, brand communication transcends the limit to unlimit by initiating and spreading hot topics about specific products. A successful viral marketing campaign requires clear marketing strategies, integrated communication channels and strong operating capacity during the phase of campaign planning and execution.


Social Touch provides influencer marketing service for brands

With our AI and big data technology, Social Touch can help you develop a KOL engagement strategy, identify the right KOLs for your brand, understand your audiences and create compelling content.


Our big data technology can analyze the profile of KOL’s followers and make sure that KOLs’ demographics and personal tastes most closely align with your target audience. This helps in online conversion rate enhancement at a lower cost. Through machine learning, we continuously help you refine your strategy.


Teaming up with KOLs, we can help you create social content that can motivate consumers’ interest and generate their demands, as well as harness the creativity and style of influencers. Our call-to-action tactics work well with KOL marketing strategy and improve conversion rate or even boost secondary conversion when consumers re-purchase.


We help brands go viral through China’s top influencers. We plan viral campaigns that make consumers proactively and automatically share the content they like and trust. This will expand brand exposure, increase awareness and improve conversion as well.