Since its establishment in 1993, HNA Group has grown from a regional airline enterprise to a large enterprise group with a variety of business pillars, including aviation, physical industry, finance, tourism, logistics and technology after over 20 years of development, and its business layout has expanded from the South China Sea to areas across the globe. Social Touch is a solution provider for a variety of businesses of HNA Group.

Client’s Problem

HNA Group has a number of social accounts which were isolated from each other, becoming the  obstacle for its business management and its recourses were also scattered and isolated. The isolation of a number of business systems lead to the crack of the marketing chain and uncontrollable marketing process, greatly reducing the marketing effects. Therefore, it is urgent for HNA Group to establish a customer system with internet social system as its core.

Social Touch Solution

Through constructing the HNA Group social customer management platform, Social Touch utilizes the big data analysis strategy to help the enterprise bridge its platforms, achieve data integration and marketing promotion.