Crest is P& G’s world-renowned oral care brand, with a variety of products including toothpaste, toothbrush, tooth stickers and mouthwash, etc. Through the combination with user big data, online interactive experience and offline sales promotion events, Social Touch facilitated Crest “Great Teeth, Great Holidays” data marking campaign to lead the marketing competitions at the end of the year.

Client’s Problem

At the end of the year, various brands always launch diversified promotion campaigns to compete over the best opportunity for consumers’ Spring Festival Shopping; however, it was also the time when consumers are most “immune” to the advertisements. To overcome the obstacle and grab consumers’ attention, it is an effective way to use big data for consumer insight to achieve precise marketing.

Social Touch Solution

The essence of big data marketing is to influence target consumers’ psychological path before they buy products, which should be based on precise consumer insight. Seizing the perfect timing of the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one, Crest launched the “Great teeth, Great holidays” campaign, with user big data analysis, online interactive experience and offline promotion events effectively running through the campaign. Crest successfully established the topic that “to enjoy the food and fun in holidays requires a mouth of good teeth” and then launched the “Great teeth, Great holidays” activities on social platforms.