Coca-Cola Company introduced QOO—a non-carbonated beverage—in 1997. After its original introduction in Japan, QOO made a huge QOO is a non-carbonated beverage from the Coca-Cola Company.

QOO is a non-carbonated beverage from the Coca-Cola Company. QOO was originally introduced in Japan with huge success and was soon widely welcomed in Southeast Asia market. The brand became one of the most popular beverages in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong.


With its playful and child-appealing creativity, the QOO Summer Marketing Campaign has been recognized as a successful campaign model for Children’s Day.


The Challenge

QOO entered the Chinese market in 2001. Due to rapid market expansion, QOO has become many onsumers’ childhood memory. In 2015, QOO came back to the market with upgraded products and new visual image. The challenge in this case is to further increase brand awareness and further attract more followers. Moreover, QOO expected more interactions with consumers


The Solution

Starting from May, we launched an integrated marketing campaign that aimed to connect Children’s Day (June 1st) with QOO. We encouraged consumers to participate in mobile games on QOO’s official page on WeiBo and WeChat. Kids, moms and even other adults enjoyed the sweet memories of their childhood during the campaign




QOO encouraged parents to spend more time with children and enjoy childhood happiness in this Children’s Day


The Achievement