Legend Holdings was established in 1984. Under the leadership of Mr. Liu Chuanzhi and with the idea of always pursuing higher goals, the company has experienced 3 breakthrough periods and expanded into a conglomerate covering IT and multiple industries. Social Touch, as a recipient of Legend Holdings strategic investment, is providing it with excellent marketing strategies and execution service.

Client’s Problem

Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 4G is an upgraded version of the 2014-hot-seller Golden Warrior S8. More attention and voice are being given to the latest S8 4G and the S8 product line, but more efforts are needed to highlight product features and create featured benchmark.

Social Touch Solution

Golden Warrior S8 4G is an upgraded version of Golden Warrior S8 and sold at 898 RMB. With the slogan of “Born to Charm”, this product is designed to be a ‘queen’ among cell-phones under 1,000 RMB. Through new media marketing, Social Touch aims at promoting the attractive and beautiful product design to appeal to consumers.



Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 4G

Mysterious Ms. S

S8 4G—An artwork of vintage and fashion

6-layered space composite materials with hardness of military helmet;

Diamond-like scratch resistant surface;

Design inspiration from the royal brocade pattern;

Luxurious design and a perfect combination of vintage and scientific beauty.