Mars Pedigree

Mars, Incorporated is a multinational company founded by Franklin Clarence Mars in 1911, and a manufacturer and provider of snacks (candies and chocolates), pet products, food and symbiosience products. Pedigree is the core brand of pet products in Mars, Incorporated, with its sales network covering more than one hundred countries around the world. The cooperation between Pedigree and Social Touch represents a symbolic solution of Social Touch in the pet industry.

Client’s Problem

 Mars is the first pet food producer to enter the Chinese market, with good quality and a great reputation. However, the online sales share of Mars has gradually been challenged by many competitors in recent years; it was quite urgent for the brand to overcome the obstacles and enhance its brand exposure and popularity.

Social Touch Solution

Social Touch chose an appropriate spokesperson (Huang Xuan) for Pedigree from the emotion perspective, to spread the brand concept “feed the good”; we shot a mini movie of “the love story of Huang Xuan and his beloved dog” to place the “feed the good” concept into the movie. With the positive image and influence of Huang Xuan, Pedigree’s brand favorability was enhanced.