Misunderstandings of B2B social marketing that 90% of the people have

Social media has already changed our lifestyle in many areas. B2B social marketing has quietly become popular and the momentum has already excelled B2B e-commerce. According to CMI report, the existing B2B marketing has already become a key means for more and more companies to discover new business clients. Over 92% of the B2B business marketing has used the social platform and content marketing for business promotion.

The benefits brought by social marketing of B2B businesses are:

Therefore, B2B businesses can create more business values when the marketing is done on social platforms. But with more and more B2B businesses engaged in the social platform, they are caught in many misunderstandings in marketing. The direct consequence of these misunderstandings includes the reduction of sales leads quantity and quality, decline of the brand influence, and the increase of marketing expenditures.

Then, what are the common misunderstandings in social marketing for B2B companies? Look at the opinions of Eleonora Israele, senior analyst at Clutch Company.

Release a great deal of contents relentlessly

Have you ever heard the complaints from friends on social platforms that there are too many annoying marketing ads? Social marketing can indeed enhance the brand awareness, but we cannot destroy the balance between potential clients and companies. Excessively frequent promotion contents will reduce the acceptability of clients.

Keran Smith, a marketing expert, suggests that there should be no more than three Tweets on Twitter a day, two posts on Facebook each day, and one position promotion each week on Linkedin. B2B companies in China such as Siemens, SAP and IBM release contents on WeChat platform channels on a regular basis.


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Release contents irrelevant to the audience

Companies should understand that your target audience are all very busy and can easily get distracted. Therefore, marketing contents of B2B companies must be related to the brand and users and be interesting. In addition, the contents should not only be pure texts. Pictures are needed to describe the products and businesses and enable users to better understand the contents. In fact, according to some investigation organizations, the contents with videos and pictures are more likely to be accepted by users from the perspective of B2B marketing.


WeMedia marketing contents of several B2B companies in China

Have no idea of who the target audience is

The natures of the target audience for companies are different based on the industry and the services provided by the company. For example, the age of the audience of high-tech startups is relatively young while that of the audience of mature companies is relatively old. At the same time, user groups gathered on different social platforms are also different. Companies need to find the platform and users that match their own nature and prepare contents that meet the demands of users. This method can save time and money and create targeted marketing contents.

According to the data released by China Internet Network Information Center, young people have a higher demand for social applications. The number of netizens of age 20 to 29 is the biggest, accounting for 33% of all the netizens while that of netizens under the age of 19 accounts for 27%. These two groups of people have a higher consumptive power and are more accessible to new things, which has laid a good foundation for the commercialization of social applications.

Provide the cost-effective experience

With the fast development of social marketing nowadays, many companies have never seen their clients face to face. Therefore, marketing of B2B companies must provide the service experience exceeding the expectations of clients. They shouldn’t simply resort to social platforms for relevant marketing contents. This will reduce the acceptability of users and reduce the clicks of users.


Take JetBlue Airlines as an example. They always quickly provide replies to questions proposed by their fans and solve their complaints on the social platform. They are dedicated to providing the service experience beyond the expectations of clients.

To Social Touch, social marketing of B2B companies cannot be done without the support of data and the help of the smart user management platform. Social marketing of B2B companies should transform from the extensive mode to targeted marketing and generate targeted marketing contents due to the demands of users.

Insight into demands – Build up the smart user management platform based on big data

Actually, when many B2B companies engage in social marketing, they don’t know who their potential clients are, what they like and where they are. This leads to the fact that the marketing contents of these B2B companies are not targeted and accurate. To help companies understand the image of potential users, the smart user management platform of Social Touch can provide label management to businesses based on big data. In this way, companies can get accurate descriptions of user image and know who the potential clients are and what they like, so as to create targeted marketing contents.

Finally, social marketing is definitely one of the best methods for B2B companies to win users. Therefore, social marketing methods must be correctly used to avoid the above misunderstandings.