Increasing E-commerce Sales

One of the key objectives of marketing is to achieve sales growth.

One of the key objectives of marketing is to achieve sales growth. The popularity of e-commerce has diversified sales channels. More and more brands have shifted their main sales channels from offline to online. Thus, brands need to embrace new marketing strategies and new promotion skills to manage multi-channel marketing.


E-commerce rebuilds sales conversion path

Traditionally consumers only engage with brands in their buying decision-making process. However, in the e-commerce environment, consuming behavior integrates with brands, e-commerce platforms and other consumers. The process of sales conversion is getting more and more complicated, which requires different marketing skillset from traditional perspectives.


Strategy of e-commerce sales promotion

According to a study by Aalto University, Texas A&M University, and Buffalo University, client integration on social media contributes an extra 5.6% revenue to companies. Undoubtedly, highly interactive contents, such as HTML5, short video, live-streaming and blogging, play an important role in social media marketing. Moreover, Brands need to adopt marketing strategies in lines with the platform strategy and platform promotion concept to earn more brand exposure opportunities. 


Social Touch helps in brand monetization

ROI, in terms of monetized conversion, is the measurement of marketing activities. Leveraging the expertise in social marketing and big data technology, Social Touch provides the following services to increase your online sales:


Social Touch helps clients enforce traffic acquisitions by integrating online and offline channels, increase brand exposure opportunities based on the insights of user demands and ecommerce platform strategy, and optimize conversion data through user path analysis.


Social Touch plans creative social events for brands to motivate consumer engagement and social shares. The viral communication through social media sharing will boost brand awareness, drive greater brand visibility and generate more traffic and leads.


Social Touch leverage big data technology to analyze user data and identify user demands, to achieve effective marketing communications and increase of convention rate.

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