Unilever Group is a company merged by Margarine Unie from the Netherlands and Lever Brothers soap company from UK in 1929. The headquarters of Unilever are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and London, respectively responsible for operations of food and washing supplies. UFS is Unilever's specialised business line of condiments and tea products for restaurants and other users in the professional catering industry.

Unilever was founded in1929, by the merger of the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie and the British soap supplier Lever Brothers. Unilever has chosen the Dutch city of Rotterdam as the location of its corporate headquarters, ending nearly a century of residency in London. UFS (Unilever Food Solution), as Unilever’s catering brand, offers catering supplies such as ingredients,  recipes and tea products. UFS also provides clients with catering service and solutions, to inspire clients to greater success in the catering business. Social Touch designed a campaign of “Chef Festival” for UFS, to connect chefs and brands in a much more engaging way


The Challenge

UFS delivers food solutions to restaurants in China, together with other FMCS brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s and Lipton. The challenge was how to reach their key target audience: chefs.

However, UFS faced a lot of difficulties in promoting its brands in the Chinese market, such as its inefficiency in reaching chef communities and the lack of understanding of the customer structure and preferences


The Solution

Social Touch proposed social media marketing strategy for UFS. Users were attracted to UFS’ WeChat account from multiple channels, including offline events, in-store sales and packaging with QR code. We then created different campaigns to deliver customized contents to different groups of WeChat users (followers). Based on member lifecycle and the labelling system, the users were grouped for personalized communication to enhance member activity engagement level