CEO of SocialTouch was appointed to Effie Greater China Board of Directors

CEO of SocialTouch was appointed to Effie Greater China Board of Directors


On September 21, 2019 Effie Greater China announced the formation of its Greater China Board of Directors.


A ceremony and the first meeting of the board were held in Baidu Building. At the same time, "Effie × Baidu AI Effective Marketing Track" was officially released. "Ai Effective Marketing Track" will be officially launched in 2020. As a special category of Greater China Effie Awards, Effie will set up an "Ai Effective Marketing Track” special committee to provide professional guidance and support for this category.


Zhang Rui, founder and CEO of SocialTouch, was appointed as a member of Effie Greater China Board of Directors. Zhang Rui and other China marketing leaders will work together to promote business implementation and rapid development of Effie awards in the Greater China market.



AI empowering corporate marketing


Traditional marketing is increasingly unable to meet corporates’ digital demands. Marketing industry is also in urgent need of building new digital marketing system.


Based on the self-developed “SocialTouch Insight Engine”, SocialTouch’ AI technology empowers marketing professionals to conduct data modeling through cross-platform data monitoring, thus enabling them to make marketing decisions in multi-dimensional and complex scenarios.


SocialTouch’ AI technology had made marketing more scientific and standardized. By doing so, SocialTouch provides clients with full-service brand management and marketing services based on big data.


In March 2019, SocialTouch was selected as the member of Baidu AI Accelerator (forth batch). SocialTouch will continuously explore big data technology to empower marketing, and upgrade traditional marketing technology system to new marketing engine for clients.



About Effie Greater China Board of Directors


Effie Greater China Board of Directors has gathered 14 marketing leaders with rich industry experience and great influence from different backgrounds, including advertisers, agencies, Internet platforms, academic institutions and other fields. The diverse composition of directors broadens Effie's leadership’s perspective. Directors from different fields and professions will be more involved in providing multiple views and resources.


As the thought leader of promoting effective marketing standard in China, Effie Greater China Board of Directors will give full play to their advantages and support important projects such as diversifying award events or exploring effective marketing in multiple fields, including but not limited to Effie-Baidu AI Effective Marketing Track, Effie College, Study Tour in US, etc.).